Ever wonder how good of friends your friends are? Below is a simple network graph that will allow you to see the interconnectivity of anyone's immediate friends on Twitter. Simply type in the twitter handle of the person you are interested in knowing the network of, and voilĂ , a network will appear. The twitter REST API limits individuals to only 15 requests every 15 minutes, and therefor large queries to the twitter database will take a significantly longer time. One friend network with 100 immediate friends takes about 3 minutes, after that limit, things begin to slow down.

To see an example click on the CU ICS button, which will reveal the network of the CU Boulder Institute of Cognitive Science twitter account. When your plot is finished, you will notice both red and blue lines. Blue lines indicate one way friendships, and red lines indicate reciprocal friendships. The size of a node is determined by the number of connections it has.

I am currently working on a tool that will investigate emotional contagion within these twitter networks. What factors contribute to the spread of emotions? Does an individual's position in a network predict how influential or easily influenced they are?

To see more of the plot, or investigate connections, feel free to drag nodes around. To make a new plot, refresh this page. If you would like to see the network of a user with a large number of friends, you may have to wait a while before the plot is rendered.